Nancy Gause Milliken,

Columbiana County Auditor


Facts about your County Auditor



Nancy is a lifelong resident of Columbiana County and is married to Gary Milliken, who like Nancy is a lifelong resident of our county.Nancy and Gary have three daughters; Mrs. Pam Milliken Ebert (of Lisbon, Ohio), Mrs. Jennifer Milliken Dees (of Guilford Lake), and Mrs. Heather Milliken Mercer (also of Guilford Lake).Nancy and Gary are additionally proud to be the grandparents of Joey Ebert and Haley Dees.Nancy is very acquainted with the problems and assets of our county, since she is the daughter of Charles J. Gause, who was a longtime Columbiana County Commissioner and township trustee.


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2000 - present - Columbiana County Auditor.

1991 - 2000 - Head Bookkeeper for the Columbiana County Auditor

1990 - 1991 - Clerical Supervisor for the Columbiana County Mental Health Center.

1984 - 1989 - Columbiana County Board of Commissioners serving one year as the Boardís Clerk.†††††††††††



Graduated United High School

Graduated Canton Business College

Completed GAAP System Seminar for County Auditors, provided by Auditor of State

Completed STRS Ohio Payroll and Defined Contribution Plan in 2001

Completed Accounting and Auditing Update Seminar provided by Auditor of State.

Completed the Local Government Finance Summit in 1995 provided by Auditor of State

In the process of completing the Local Government Services testing administered by the Auditor of State. This seminar covers all facets of the County Auditorís office.




††††††††††† Member of the Columbiana County Board of Revisions

††††††††††† Member of the Columbiana County Microfilming Board

††††††††††† Member of the Columbiana County Records Commission

††††††††††† Secretary of the Columbiana County Budget Commission

††††††††††† Administrator of the Columbiana County Automatic Data Processing Board.

Member of St. Phillip Catholic Church

Member of the Guilford Lake Civic Association

Member of the Columbiana County Republican Club

Member of the County Auditorsí Association of Ohio

††††††††††† Member of the Columbiana County Farm Bureau

††††††††††† Member of the State of Ohio Weights and Measures Association